Top 5 Best Indian Dishes You Must Try

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January 21, 2021
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July 21, 2021
Best Indian Dishes

Traditional Indian cuisine is a blend of spices and flavours. Similar to the subcontinent’s ethnic and semantic variety, culinary style in India differs from place to place. And every sub-cuisine has its own exclusive take on Indian dishes. Some might be tasty, others less so, but they are all lively and tempting.

Mutton Rogan Josh

This is an aromatic lamb curry origin from Kashmir, although it has origins finding back to Irani cuisine. Rogan Josh is a North Indian dish with Muslim influences and first originated in Persia or Kashmir. Rogan Josh is a meat curry dish that features a lump of red meat such as lamb or goat which is colored and flavored by alkanet flowers or roots and Kashmiri chilis. Rogan Josh is best served with naan or any other Indian bread.

Butter Chicken.

The classic Indian slimy chicken curry cooked in nice and creamy tomato sauce. It includes nice, marinated chicken breast which is steamed without any oil or ghee. Its tastes oh-so-delightful with a mixture of spices. Originally come from in the northern Indian state of Punjab, butter chicken features a superbly cooked chicken blended in with a tomato curry sauce, causing in a popular curry that has got world-wide fame.

Hyderabadi biryani

Biryani was introduced to Indian cuisine by the Mughals.  Who doesn’t love this spoiled, aromatic, rice charm that reigns great as the world best one-pot meal? This flavorful and delicious food wonder is a treat to relish on and is often cooked for feast parties in north Indian kitchens.

Chicken Masala.

It is yet another throng pulling dish. This chicken dish with fierce spices, flavorful lemon taste, and delicious yogurt gives a great party to taste buds. This dish is simple in its use of whole flavors and ingredients to bring out the intricate flavors of a seasoning. Enjoy this tasty dish that you just can’t say no.

Palak Paneer.

The traditional Palak Paneer is the most popular and best dish in India and Indian restaurants all over the world. It is one of the best rich curries and is extremely healthy and delicious. The mixture of paneer and spinach is truly a delicacy to your taste buds, while have being low on fat and calories. It is also rich in eating grain which regulates taste.
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