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December 20, 2017

Melbourne’s gastronomes’ now have a new hangout to relish gourmet Indian culinary delights. We offer the most mouth-watering Indian buffet in Melbourne, the very sight of which will whet your appetite. Indian spices and condiments have gripped the attention of people from time immemorial and now the same lip-smacking blend of delicacies is made available for the residents of Melbourne.

The buffet meals are prepared in traditional Indian way with all the essential spices and condiments added to taste. The savoury dishes of the buffet are kaleidoscopic in nature with an unending menu. The invigorating aroma wafting from the buffet items will seamlessly transport you to the realm of the divine. The taste is simply min-boggling. The richness and consistency lent by handpicked and conditioned spices will satiate your appetite and leave you craving for more.

Our Indian buffet is a must have for all occasions. The prices are affordably competitive. Each order is complemented with attractive complimentary offers. You can specify the location and our team would come prepared to serve the buffet over there. For orders that exceed a certain limit, we can also arrange the venue for you at posh locations across Melbourne.

The sumptuous, succulent, marinated and spiced buffet meals are delicately prepared by best Indian chefs. You may have tasted a number of dishes elsewhere, but the flavour of authentic Indian buffet would have you awestruck. Traditional Indian style of preparing food is adhered to for allowing the flavour to steep in. All international standards pertaining to hygiene and cleanliness are conformed to. Our menu list can be viewed on our site and you can order accordingly. Each dish carries our guarantee of being healthy. Our staff in livery would cater to your guests during the party. Order now and taste genuine Indian buffet.

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