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May 16, 2016
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India is one of the world countries where there is a large number of food lovers. They love to cook and enjoy delicious food.Not only in India, but in many other parts of the world Indian food is liked by the people. Due to this many expert cooks or food lovers started blogging where they post many new delicious recipes. The competition between different Indian food bloggers is also very tough. They are competing with each other by the number of social media likes, the number of comments they receive and how many recipes they can post.

Some of the top Indian bloggers with delicious recipes and type of foods liked by every nation are listed below:

1. Mallika Basu
Mallika Basu is a chef and Indian blog writer. She gave her own web page which consists of many useful blogs related to food and recipes consisting of meat, rice, and vegetarian etc.

2. Monica Spice diary

Monica runs an Indian pop-up restaurant and cookery school in Manchester and Birmingham.She started cooking when she was a university student in America and away from her mother’s delicious cooking.She used to cook and send pictures to her mother.Finally, she ended up with it as a profession.

3. Nandita Saffron

She started blogging in 2006 and is one of the most earlier Indian bloggers.Her blog is suited for people with health curiosities.It is cleared from her blog that all the recipes focus on combinations of healthy and tasty dishes that can be easily cooked at home. All the tasty food is displayed in wonderful dishes ins unique presentable way.This shows how creative and talented she is in this area.

4. Chitra’s Food Book by Chitrasendhil

If you are looking for some traditional saucy or gravy type dishes, this is the place where you will find it.Moreover, the recipes are also categorized by regions like south India, Mumbai, and karela.

5. Sailu’s Food by Sailu
Lover of Andhra food and searching for blogs related to it.This is the blog for Andhra food and you will find all the Andhra recipes.

6. Archana’s Kitchen by Archana Doshi
Archana has a large number of social media followers and comments.Her focus is on healthy food.She was very young when she started cooking and blogging.Her blogs are one of the first Indian blogs.

7. NishaMadhulika by NishaMadhulika

NishaMadhulika is also one of the most earlier bloggers.She is also one of the favorites as apparent from her social media statistics.She has written more than 100 recipes.There are many categories seen on her blogs like snacks, sweets, baking, regional, etc. A separate question-answer session is also available.

8. Veg Recipes Of India by Dassana Amit

As apparent from the name, the blog focusses on vegetarian foods.However, the food is not just from India but all over the world.She is also the baking lover and you will find baking recipes on her blogs.A lot of variety can be seen like Goan, Konkan, to Hyderabadi and Punjabi.With so much diversity in items and regions, this can be one of the top blogs of the country.

9. Sia

The blog is filled with attractive and mouthwatering recipes represented in beautiful dishes.All the variety is available like basics of cooking, baking, and much more.Seeing the social media statistics and the comments the blogs deserves one of the top positions.

10. Manjula Jain

Manjula Jain was born in North India into a vegetarian family. Manjula Jain writes on simple and practical recipes that reiterate the authenticity of Indian vegetarian cooking. Her video tutorials and written tutorials will make fundamentals of Indian cooking easily understandable

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